Solutions for your labor needs. Now.

We are the only source  you need to fulfill all your labor requirements. Make just one call and  CLS will provide the best rate and service, tailored to your company's  specific requirements. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 -- we will have the  workers you need.

Anywhere across the country, CLS' response time is second to none.

Meeting your labor goals quickly and efficiently is a major factor in your project's success.  Our customers consistently save both time and expense on the projects that we have collaborated on; thus improving their bottom line and reputation with their clients.   

Benefit from our Experience

Our owners have over 50 years combined service in the staffing industry.  
From the initial call, you will be dealing with one of the owners.  This  means any special requirements your project demands will be met based  on your company's specifications.
When necessary, we can provide an on-site team to manage the labor and handle
day-to-day operations. 

Billing will be seamless

You will  be receiving one invoice from CLS instead of several invoices from  multiple services.  We make certain the invoice you receive is accurate  and in the format that you requested. Hours and rates billed are  cross-referenced to your records, cutting down on the number of errors and the number of hours your employees spend on accounts payable. 

Staffing and Recruitment

Nick Lucarelli   708-203-2942

Cleveland, OH 

Invoicing and Billing

John Clinton    214-728-1697
Dallas-Ft. Worth 

Fax - 817-859-1164